MAY 28TH 2021

Live at The Jazz Sanctuary

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     We are so EXCITED to announce our first live music gig of 2021! 

Glasshopper a genre provoking trio, is an exciting young group born out of a love for
melody and improvisation. Led by its saxophonist Jonathan Chung, the trio brings together
the creative minds of guitarist James Kitchman and drummer Corrie Dick.

'"I saw the trio play at the London Jazz Festival last year and was absolutely mesmerised. They
have an incredible use of effects, especially on both the saxophone and guitar which results in
a really expansive sound.' - Seonaid Aitken, Jazz Nights on BBC Radio Scotland"



Glasshopper arrive with their debut album 'Fortune Rules'. Released with Norwegian Label AMP Music & Records in October 2020, the record is an abstract tale and a documentation of a sound the trio have been refining for six years. Plunging you into deep electric landscapes and raising you into territory that suspends in the air.

Coming together through shared sessions over African grooves, electronic music and Jazz, Inês Loubet, Benedict Wood and Jake Burgess bring their influences to fruition in Amálga. Originally forming as a Samba trio in 2015, Amálga soon started bending and twisting it’s musical landscape, reorienting towards the music of Björk, Nina Simone and Arthur Russell among others, culminating in original compositions and delicate arrangements at the centrepiece of their influences.”